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It all starts with a plan. We believe a deeper understanding of the problem and clear vision of the future brings forth a strategy that sets the stage for success.

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Our clients, partners and affiliates have received 
enormous value..

in the form of increased revenues, retention of key employees, recruiting and training & development of new employees, enhanced team and workplace performance accumulated through expert facilitation and influential conversations. 

Our work significantly impacts company

and project performance..

Our diverse business portfolio includes..

by focusing on practical, skill based actions which affect critical business challenges. Our unique approach to problem solving and leadership sparks influence and drives teams to change their behaviors and actions so that everyone is aligned on a unified business strategy and tactics.

multiple cruise industry and luxury goods companies, global brands, media companies, entertainment and sports industry affiliates, technology and startups, small and mid-size businesses and non-profits. 


Testimonials & Reviews

"Miguel at M group knows how to motivate and lead. He is professional and detailed in his approach without losing sight of the bigger picture. His winning personality and charisma brings happiness, and light to those around him. I got to know him not only as the strong leader ​he is but also as a friend and caring family man." 

        WILL A. STEIN           President/Co-founder Philip Stein   

"Working with M Group has been an absolute pleasure. They made the process so seamless

and put me at ease from the beginning of the project. Their professionalism and expertise

in the field,as well as the attention to detail is unmatched."



Mylitta Butler Photo

"Working with a true creative team like MGC, brings out the best in everyone. Whether

it's audio/visual creative or business planning and development, they are my go to!"


  Business Executive/Creative

"Miguel is a visionary leader, a force of positivity, an effective communicator and active listener. His warmth and authenticity radiates from within as he passionately inspires and motivates individuals to reach their greatest potential."

Noelle Sipod Business Photo

             NOELLE SIPOS              


        BUTCH REYNOLDS         Olympic Gold Medalist  

As an Olympic Gold medalist I can that working with M Group is incredible.

They are a terrific addition to my team and bring and abundance of positivity. I am very confident that whatever I need help with, Miguel and the team will get the job done right. 


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